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Enlist the expertise of a real estate lawyer in Dubai

Property investments are long-term ventures that entail a fair share of risks as well as significant rewards, granted you make the right decision. Whether you are buying a house of your own, or diversifying your portfolio, it is important to take measures against these risks.

Protect the value of your investment by establishing legal safeguards. Partner with a top real estate lawyer in Dubai today from Law and Justice Advocates and Legal Consultation, and ensure the security of your long-term investment.

Providing comprehensive legal assistance and consultation for real estate investments

As legal consultants, our lawyers can help you understand the legalistic terminologies of property contracts and clarify aspects of a property transaction. Our team draws from more than three decades of experience in various fields of specialisations to provide outstanding, timely, and cost-effective legal services and representation to clients in the UAE.
We can help you determine whether a legal arrangement will be beneficial for you, in the short, medium, and long term. We can draft robust and detailed contracts for your transactions.

Your real estate lawyer can perform an extensive analysis of your Sales Purchase Agreement, Contracts of Sale, and other pertinent transaction documents to protect you against ambiguous language or dubious clauses that put you at a disadvantage.

In the event of a contract breach, our lawyers can also provide legal representation and mediation in court proceedings and international property disputes. We can speak in your stead in criminal cases stemming from property disputes, and consult in legislative and regulatory issues concerning a property or a transaction.

Backed by a long track record of success in Dubai and beyond

Over our years of service in Dubai, we have proven ourselves to clients through outstanding legal services that deliver results. With our suite of legal consultation and representation services, our clients can be confident that they have a support system they can depend on to protect their long-term investment.

For advice, counsel and representation in real estate transactions, contact L&J Advocates and Legal Consultancy at 00971 4 297 3333 or contact us online to arrange a consultation.

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