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Family and divorce lawyers in Dubai who can understand your needs

Divorce and feuds within the family are personal matters that must be treated discretely and delicately. Settlements must be handled professionally by experienced family lawyers and divorce lawyers who can provide legal guidance aimed at achieving a favourable agreement for all parties involved.

If you are in need of expert divorce and family lawyers in Dubai, there is one name you can depend on – Law and Justice Advocates and Legal Consultants.

The trusted family and divorce lawyers in Dubai

As one of the premier legal consultancy firms today, our mission is to provide our customers with sound legal advice and expert representation in legal issues amongst parties who are related by blood or legally bound by marriage. Our team comprises some of the foremost divorce and family lawyers in Dubai to help you navigate the delicate nuances of divorce and family law in the UAE, including the principles of Shariah Law.

We specialise in assisting the resolution of cases governed by family law, including the settlement of corporate and offshore assets between familial parties, alimony, and complex financial investigations. Our legal advocates can provide professional assistance and consultation in instances where properties are to be divided between family members with respect to a valid legal document.

We can also provide legal support to spouses who wish to legally terminate their relationships with their respective partners and dissolve their marriage according to UAE law. Further to this, we can assist divorcee parents in arranging the most agreeable child custody arrangements for them and their children.

Our lawyers and legal advocates help you make the right decision with your personal matters

As Dubai based legal advocates, we believe our role is simply to enable clients to make the right decisions regarding their own situations – because no one knows your individual experience better than you. We accomplish this by equipping clients with the information to posit the merits of their position, manage discussions of custodial arrangements, and arrive at beneficial settlements with minimal conflict.

From family mediation to familial intercession, Law and Justice Advocates and Legal Consultation are your trusted partners. To find out more, contact us today at 00971 4 297 3333 or contact us online.

For more information, legal advice from an experienced L&J Advocates and Legal Consultancy lawyer or to find more about Legal services we provide, call 00971 4 297 3333 or contact us online.

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