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We have accumulated significant experience, industry knowledge and expertise providing business contract legal advice. We advise on terms of contract, preparation of contractual documentation, and structuring legally binding agreements. Our drafting expertise is drawn in part from experience in disputes resolved by the Courts – we have seen what can happen when agreements do not take into account a business’s particular circumstances and requirements and specific risks. We provide a range of legal services to our clients, which include:

• Simplifying complex contractual arrangements in agreements for development projects and the supply of products and services
• Advising on the allocation of commercial risk to the appropriate party, with respect to warranties, indemnities and limitations of liability to be provided for in contracts
• Advising on liability arising from technical specifications and integration with contractual obligations
• Advising on proper terms of contract including unlawful, unreasonable or unfair terms and conditions
• Restraints of trade, including the application and validity of post-employment obligations; and assistance in the preparation of schedules in outsourcing contracts
• Advising on the effect of performance obligations and failures to perform under agreements;
• Advising on inherent and patent risks to be imposed by contracts under negotiation between intending contracting parties
• Interpretation of standard clauses, such as those dealing with waiver, entire agreement, dispute resolution, variations
• Legal advice on administration of contracts, claims detection, including delay and defects in deliverables, claims negotiation, strategies to manage and resolve disputes
• Regulatory compliance and corporate compliance issues, trade practices, intellectual property rights, industrial relations and property law
• Commercial issues affecting the contract administration

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